work experience

digital policy analyst @ digital policy alert
nov 22 – ongoing
  • Timely analysis, synthesis and categorisation of 700+ internet regulatory events, with a focus on cybersecurity, data localisation, and China.
  • Lead data analyst for the Italy Digest
  • Data analysis and drafting for the Data Governance in the G20 Report.
cybersecurity and internet policy analyst @ oxford information labs
mar 23 – jun 23

Research and analysis on AI standards, ransomware, Internet standards, cross-border data flows, and more.


  • Lead data analyst and co-author of UK government commissioned AI Standards Hub evaluation report
  • Cooperation in the setup of the Internet Standards Observatory: tracking of ITU related standards that could transform Internet networking, routing, addressing and naming.


  • Helped OXIL CEO Emily Taylor prepare for giving oral evidence to the Joint Committee on National Security Strategy on ransomware
  • Provided desk-based background research and a succinct summary of the relevant literature

Other research:

  • Research assistance and legal analysis concerning Cross-border data flows
  • Assistance in briefing notes on diverse topics such as the potential for exploitation of HikVision camera vulnerabilities

Research support:

  • Researched document disclosure policies at ITU
  • Assisted in proof-reading an academic article (then successfully published in a peer-reviewed journal)

Stakeholder engagement:

  • Scouted for researchers and research institutions working on Internet standards and Internet fragmentation
  • Provided commentary for news article on the Telegraph on undersea Internet cables

Funding and admin:

  • Completed membership applications at ETSI and ITU
  • Prepared backgrounders on opportunities for funding
polad @ italian navy
oct 21

Served as POLAD for the red team during Italy’s largest naval exercise onboard Italian flagship Cavour, working directly with the fictional hostile nation’s top military commander.

  • Proposed creative operational solutions in accordance with International Humanitarian Law and Law of the Sea to advance military objectives, as directly requested by the red team command under strict time constraints. Amongst the options presented, the ones chosen by the commander at sea proved to be successful in achieving the desired goals.
  • Consolidated the realism of the exercise scenario through the drafting of policy pronouncements and the enactment of diplomatic measures on behalf of the fictional hostile country.
  • Briefed several high-ranking officials, including a number of Admirals, on political, legal and operational developments throughout the exercise.
  • Specific focus on methods and implementation of military intelligence.
cybersecurity analyst @ italian national cybersecurity laboratory
nov 20 – apr 21


  • Research work on a project proposal that achieved millions of euros in funding, including through Horizon 2020.
  • Further details under NDA. From the public webpage (see link below): “The MicroCyber EDIH (European Digital Innovation Hub) aims at establishing a set of services and infrastructures focusing on cybersecurity, to be offered to Micro and Small, and enterprises (MSE) in the South of Italy while also supporting public entities – both local and central – in understanding their cybersecurity needs”.


  • Research and development of the proprietary Cyber Security Human Readiness Index (CSHRI).
  • Active involvement in the tailoring and deployment of CSHRI questionnaires to the needs and specifications of various medium and large public and private stakeholders.
  • Further details under NDA. From the public webpage (see link below): “The CyberReadiness.IT program aims to provide methodologies and tools to measure the impact of the human factor in assessing the cyber risks of an organisation. This is done based on the responses provided to a specific questionnaire by individuals within the organisation.”
cybersecurity and international relations researcher @ CCSIRS
oct 20 – oct 21
  • Published the “Geostrategic value of submarine Internet cables – Italy as a strategic key point” Policy Paper with coauthor Irene Spadaro (February 2021).
  • Published “Critical Information Infrastructure Protection: Between Cybersecurity and Policymaking” and presented it at ITASEC21.
  • Center contact point for the CyberEquality project.


honours research master’s @ sant’anna school of advanced studies
oct 19 – ongoing

Special-statute, full-ride public Graduate School program, parallel to university courses. Political Science with a concentration in international law and security studies.


  • EU Cybersecurity Law
  • Non-Territorial Spaces in International Law
  • Research Design (SNS)
  • Food Security: the Impact of the Ukrainian War
  • The Regulation of the Use of Force in International Relations in light of the Recent Events in Ukraine
  • Border Governance and Digital Technologies: Law and Security Issues
  • Introduction to the Italian Intelligence System
  • Interdisciplinary Course on Africa
  • The Obligation to Solve Disputes through Peaceful Means in International Law
  • Terrorism and International Law
  • Cybersecurity: a Multidisciplinary Perspective, Migration Governance and Border Management
  • Chinese Language (Advanced)
  • Introduction to African Security: Theories and Case Studies
  • Introduction to the Law of International Organisations
  • Governance and Management of Public Institutions
  • Ethics for Institutions: Duty
  • Chinese Language (Intermediate)
  • Spanish Language (Advanced)
  • The Italian Intelligence System
  • Qualitative Methods for Political Sciences (SNS)
  • Power and Violence: an Essential Conceptual Map
  • Populism and Democracy
  • Politicization Of and Protest Against the European Union: Elections, Parties and Decision-Making Processes
  • Law of the Sea
  • Diplomacy
  • Concepts and Categories in Contemporary History and Social Sciences
  • China Issues
master’s @ university of florence
oct 22 – ongoing

International Relations curriculum

Courses (grading out of 30):

  • International Law (28)
  • Energy, Environment and European Security (26)
  • History of contemporary Europe (27)
  • Law and Governance in Contemporary China (UCL – 30L)
  • War and Peace (UCL – 30L)
  • Wars and Violence (UCL – 30)
  • Political Economy of East Asia (UCL – 30L)
affiliate @ ucl
sept 23 – jan 24


  • Law and Governance in Contemporary China (74)
  • War and Peace (72)
  • Wars and Violence (65)
  • Political Economy of East Asia (72)
bachelor’s @ university of pisa
oct 19 – oct 22

Political Science, graduated cum laude

Courses (Grading out of 30):

  • History of Political Institutions (30)
  • Contemporary History (29)
  • Public Law (30)
  • Sociology (30)
  • History of Political Doctrines (30)
  • Private Law (29)
  • Economics (26)
  • English Language (30 cum Laude)
  • EU Law (26)
  • Methodology of Social Sciences (29)
  • Comparative Public Law (30 cum Laude)
  • Sociology of Communications (29)
  • Economic Policy (28)
  • Political Philosophy (27)
  • History of International Relations (30)
  • International Law (30)
  • Political Science (28)
  • International Relations (30 cum Laude)
  • Anglo-American Public Law (30 cum Laude)
  • Tools and Techniques for Digital Communication (Pass)
  • Spanish for Political and Social Sciences (28)
  • History of Afro-Asiatic Countries (30)
  • Research Internship (Passed)
  • Statistics (24)
  • Final Exam – Thesis Defense (Pass).


  • Recorded Future Intelligence Fundamentals – mar 24
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence Summit & Training 2024 – gen 24
  • IELTS (EN level 8.5 / C2) – sept 23
  • HSK4 (ZH level B2) – dec 19

published writings

  • Fritz, Johannes, and Tommaso Giardini. Data Governance Regulation in the G20: A Systematic Comparison of Rules and Their Effect on Digital Fragmentation, nov 2023. Contributors: Maria Buza, Nils Deeg, Anna Pagnacco, Tania Pierotic. [available here]
  • Taylor, Emily, Carolina Caeiro, and Anna Pagnacco. AI Standards Hub – Pilot Evaluation. Independent report for the UK Department for Science, Information and Technology (DSIT), oct 2023. [available here]
  • Giardini, Tommaso, and Anna Pagnacco. DPA Digital Digest: Italy, 2023. [available here]
  • Pagnacco, Anna. Public Sector Ethics – Theory and Applications by Steven G. Koven. Lessico Di Etica Pubblica 2/2022. [available here]
  • Pagnacco, Anna. “Critical Information Infrastructure Protection: Between Cybersecurity and Policymaking.” ITASEC. 2021. [available here]
  • Spadaro, Irene, and Anna Pagnacco. “Geostrategic value of submarine internet cables: Italy as a strategic key point.” CCSIRS Policy Papers (2021) [available here]