about me

hi, I’m anna. I’m a master’s student in international relations, political science and international law at three different universities (plus kinda another) and an analyst of various flavours of cyber at a couple places. I speak, with various degrees of fluency: english, italian, spanish, mandarin, and french.

find out more on the references page.

about my interests

I like infrastructure, small things that mean big things, spreadsheets, dumpster fires and public service.

in academic terms, that means international relations and international (humanitarian) law with a focus on cyberspace logistics and infrastructure.

some topics I’m interested in:

  • persistence as a concept
  • novel ways for civilian participation to conflict through cyberspace
  • the cyber infrastructure stack, especially undersea communications cables
  • map/territory relationships
  • intelligence tradecraft, especially in cyber
  • cybersecurity policies, especially EU/UK/US/PRC
  • standardisation processes, especially cybersecurity standards
  • the PRC’s views on its jurisdiction at sea and in cyber
x / bsky / contacts

considering the slow, creeping deprecation of twitter dot com, I decided to keep my profile there private and dedicated to shitposting, and move any future attempts at serious reflection on to here.

my profile on bluesky is still mostly dormant but should remain public. 

for questions or media requests, please reach out there / on any already established comms channels.

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