2024 tracker

forest is an app that helps you use your phone less.
it can also help you track your time.


i’ve been using forest for years, since [literally can’t remember] as a free user and since 2020 as a paid user [one-time payment, none of that subscription bullshit]. my levels of use have always been highly contingent on circumstances (eg. big exams, deadlines, very busy periods).

given the fact that in 2024 i want to both 1) use my phone less 2) better track my time, this page will slowly get populated with tiny monthly forests 🌳

(spoiler alert there will be a great deal many more trees and different trees will stand for different activities!)

🌳 key

these are the three main types of trees used:

πŸ’œ: writing

πŸ’š: studying

πŸ’›: work

n.b. these are not all the hours i spent doing that given thing in a month, they’re the hours i thought of tracking or when i wanted a little help staying focused.