early june updates

hello folks! i am very very tired. more than usual. we roll.

  • pushing through my final exams at the university of florence. i wish i could say it’s a pleasant experience but alas tis not. i’m so done.
  • good news! i was accepted to present a talk titled “raise your standards: technical regulatory fora in an age of cyberspace politicisation” before the ESIL Interest Group on IOs, in the “How International Organizations Are Changing Technologies” section, in Vilnius on September 4th.
    [here’s the link to the interest group program]
    this will allow me to write down and workshop my ideas for my sssup thesis (on standards, cyber as a space, and other stuff).
  • I should leave for the uk before eom, to participate in the international security and intelligence programme jointly organised by kcl and cambridge (in cambridge). sounds lovely! i can’t wait! i’ll be working on the topic of my unifi thesis (on persistence).
  • speaking of, i will be leaving behind my home for (most) of the past five years – scuola superiore sant’anna. bittersweet, but surprisingly more sweet than it’s bitter. once again, i’m tired. i need a vacation, and then i need to go on to new things.
  • speaking of new things, this is also going to be my last month at the digital policy alert. we’re going to publish some more cool stuff and then i’m gonna say goodbye to genuinely the nicest team. but i do need that vacation, and then in september i’ll be off doing other stuff in $location.
  • speaking of $location, i am currently in the interesting position of hoping i have found a legitimate apartment that is not a scam.
    i wish i worried less. unfortunately,

that is all for today.
the results keep coming and we keep going – but just barely.