more updates – mar 24

here’s what going on right now:

research project 1. on standards

  • got the ball rolling on what should become the most conventionally scientific work produced by me to date. it will take a long time! i have data, but i need to check it very thoroughly, and negotiate disclosures, and then research even more stuff, and then submit, yada yada
  • hopefully it will be done before june 2025 because i kind of plan on writing a thesis expanding on it. so.

research project 2. on infrastructure

  • this one is still coming into focus. i think i will write a more strategy-focused piece, then a more intelligence-focused piece, and then hopefully have a clear enough picture of what i want to say that i write a thesis on it. yes, that’s two theses. yes, i have a problem.


  • i will probably do more research than outreach, but if all goes well this means a few short pieces should come out by yours truly in the next few months!

i am a little tired. but on we go.