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  • habemus index

    i wish i was less of a bard and more of an amanuensis monk, but every time i sit at my puter to write something that’s not immediate work, i struggle. and then inspiration hits. so here’s the index of my master’s thesis (1 of 2). on strategic persistence in cyberspace introduction 1. persistence at…

  • more updates – mar 24

    here’s what going on right now: research project 1. on standards research project 2. on infrastructure work i am a little tired. but on we go.

  • the early 2024 post

    hello. i gave the good ole website a fresh coat of paint, to go with a couple new projects (i’m trying a couple of new things this year in time management). i’m going to turn in three more pieces of writing very soon, concluding my semester at ucl. i will publish them alongside (maybe?) a…