habemus index

i wish i was less of a bard and more of an amanuensis monk, but every time i sit at my puter to write something that’s not immediate work, i struggle.

and then inspiration hits. so here’s the index of my master’s thesis (1 of 2).

on strategic persistence in cyberspace


  • technical origins and limited definition
  • the thesis
  • structure

1. persistence at the tactical level

  • prelude. international law, law of armed conflict, and “acceptable espionage”
  • broadening our view of tactical persistence: physical cyber infrastructure

2. persistence at the operational level

  • prelude. the trouble with attribution
  • operational persistence and supply chain shenanigans

3. persistence at the strategic level

  • prelude. tech is political and cyber is a space
  • strategic persistence: the regulator/engineer divide


  • implications for intelligence
  • implications for strategy

we rollin