updates – feb 24

i’m finally on holiday!*


taking a break from most stuff for a little bit but i have a couple exciting things lined up

  • applied to a good summer school – it’s probs the last summer where i’ll actually apply to those – after this it’s all jobs and visiting periods i think
    • fun fact i never did attend a summer school before. all the ones i saw were kinda useless or like super generic and very expensive on the account of giving an aura of legitimacy to participants because of the name of the institution
    • not joking
    • kinda fucked i know
    • update i got in lol lmao even
  • i have some new things to do @ job
    • im probably going to help with outreach in some capacity, which is great because 1) i actually think our work deserves more visibility 2) im gonna learn some new stuff
  • ive made a longshot pitch to a cool person i haven’t heard from yet. rip
    • nevertheless, we persist
    • how long is too long to follow up with someone ahhhh
  • also! once again in the unenviable position of having history happen to me. can’t go in further details but ehhhm november is going to be fun

except from that i’m just chilling with my partner for a bit. very v e r y happy about that. anddd yeah getting a diploma or whatever. see ya losers