bits on cables

a brief update: I was quoted on a piece by Kieren McCarthy for the Telegraph – on cables, what else?

There is another good reason to keep the temperature down when it comes to submarine cables: they are uniquely vulnerable, particularly given their importance to global communication.

Anna Pagnacco is an academic who has studied submarine cables and notes that, being the size of a typical hose pipe, they are “extremely easy to damage or cut.” Cable locations are public and easy to find with basic equipment. Much like the internet, people never imagined they would be a target as they do little more than provide a data connection between points.

thank you Kieren for talking to me – and listening to my thoughts on cables. I think about cables a lot.

here’s the full piece:

China’s undersea cable plan targets US, UK intelligence (12ft link)

… I really do have to write my big cables post, don’t I?