Category: international law

  • next steps – research

    public commitment, the best cure for procrastination! here’s some stuff I plan on doing, will update if the wind changes direction

  • pegasus at war

    a really interesting story broke today –┬áresearchers say they found spyware used in war for the first time, and that spyware, surprising no one, is pegasus. yikes. I gave a brief comment on espionage under IHL:

  • bits on cables

    a brief update: I was quoted on a piece by Kieren McCarthy for the Telegraph – on cables, what else? There is another good reason to keep the temperature down when it comes to submarine cables: they are uniquely vulnerable, particularly given their importance to global communication. Anna Pagnacco is an academic who has studied…

  • it army (ep 0)

    from the beginning of the [latest phase of the] ru-ua war, it seemed clear to me that the it army of ukraine constituted a fascinating phenomenon, sitting at the intersection of a few very hot topics: and more. of course, as of publishing this, the issue is still developing, and a lot of very good…

  • kerch strait case, itlos

    this is an analysis paper I wrote at the beginning of 2022, as part of a Sant’Anna course on the obligation to solve disputes through peaceful means in international law. this is to say: I was under no obligation to focus on this (very) specific tribunal, procedure, or case. I picked this topic in mid-January…