next steps – research

public commitment, the best cure for procrastination!

here’s some stuff I plan on doing, will update if the wind changes direction

  • write a paper on spyware in war – by sept 23 eom
    • must be: a 4k words max paper for a course on intelligence
    • ideally: publishable on an ilaw journal
    • update: I may have found a cfp that aligns with this both in content and in timing. fingers crossed
  • write a paper on standards – by nov 23 eom
    • must be: a paper valid as my fourth year thesis
    • ideally: publishable (where?)
  • think of a draft phd project – by jan 24 eom
    • must be: well-thought out
    • could be: something related to dpa data on cybersecurity law
    • ideally: a good idea
  • do something with greynoise data – by apr 24 eom
    • must be: nothing, really
    • ideally: a defcon submission