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  • I FORGOT TO POST THIS – the g20 data governance dpa report

    I was updating the changes galore post and adding in the various links to the things mentioned there and! i realised i forgot to post a whole ass report i contributed to that got published!!! i am so dumb. (i’m doing so much stuff!) so! the report it’s out!! it’s been out for a while!!…

  • the ethics book review is out

    wait, misleading title the ethics book review has been out for months now unbeknownst to me because apparently there is no review process for book reviews so they just published what i first sent in ???????? it’s just been out there, chilling, since july 14th of 2023. I am far too junior a reader…

  • uk ai standards report

    hello hello folks, the report is out! very happy with it + now I’ve got something to show i can conduct project evaluations (job market stonks). although i’m sure not many people will take interest in it… they should! standards are important, expect a paper on that sometime in january probably. long story short, it’s…

  • italian digital policy

    here’s item three from early summer updates: my main conclusion is that italy would benefit from better institutional websites. i’ll try to make sure the little grey men know

  • volt typhoon

    hello folks, I said a few things for an article: Chinese hackers want to wreak ‘disruption and destruction’ on US critical infrastructure

  • pegasus at war

    a really interesting story broke today – researchers say they found spyware used in war for the first time, and that spyware, surprising no one, is pegasus. yikes. I gave a brief comment on espionage under IHL:

  • bits on cables

    a brief update: I was quoted on a piece by Kieren McCarthy for the Telegraph – on cables, what else? There is another good reason to keep the temperature down when it comes to submarine cables: they are uniquely vulnerable, particularly given their importance to global communication. Anna Pagnacco is an academic who has studied…