uk ai standards report

hello hello folks,

the report is out! very happy with it + now I’ve got something to show i can conduct project evaluations (job market stonks).

although i’m sure not many people will take interest in it… they should! standards are important, expect a paper on that sometime in january probably.

long story short, it’s an independent evaluation piece on the ai standards hub, a pilot project involving the uk’s department for science, innovation and technology (dsit) as well as the alan turing institute, the british standards institution and the national physical laboratory.

i found working on this to be very very interesting.

  1. i was interfacing directly with uk civil service for data and scope discussions. this has lead to a number of learning opportunities re: gov as a client and re: cultural differences in gov operations
  2. the data itself was of course very interesting to dig into and analyse – my qual training is finally paying off!
  3. god bless deadlines, for they produce everything of worth in this world (see image)


compulsory disclaimer: this report is not one of those pieces of writing…

…and that’s mostly because i was working alongside two very experienced and kind people, carolina caeiro and emily taylor. very grateful for the opportunity to help them with this and for all the stuff they taught me in the process.

anyways this does technically mean i’ve been published by the uk government now. once again shame on italy, they beat you to it…